Got Beef? Then Make Nam Tok!

This delicious and simple dish is bursting with s many flavors. Fresh mint leaves mixed with some lime juice lend to the dishes spicy kick. I suggest using a good lean steak that can get you the rare meat without being overly chewy. You may not want to use all of the ingredients and that’s okay.Cooking is not just about following recipes but following your taste buds.

After grilling the meat (it’s okay if it seems too rare. The lime juice will cook it further) let it rest about a minute or two, then create thin slices (remember to use a very sharp knife) then put slices in a bowl. Slice up shallots and to bowl with meat then throw in chopped up mint, cilantro, and package of seasoning mix. Lastly add your fish sauce and lime to taste, your taste buds will thank you later. Mix all ingredients together and sit it on top of Jasmine white rice. Voila, you have a yummy meal everyone can enjoy.

Trying to keep to a low carb diet? No problem! Just et meat with sliced cucumbers or use romaine lettuce leaves as a wrap. Let me know if you made this dish at home and if you liked it. I am always curious how everyone’s food turns out. Until the next meal…live true and be you!


  • fish sauce
  • chili
  • lime
  • mint leaves, cilantro
  • grilled beef
  • shallots
  • Lobo Nam Tok seasoning

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