California Here I come

Oh man! It has been forever since I have posted a blog. I feel like since the pandemic began I have been in some type of weird Alice in Wonderland series but with more violence. It’s been about nine months and things do not seem to be getting better. I don’t know what will happen but I do know that only I can start by making MY world a better place.

Lately, it feels as if everything has been getting to me and my job is the last thing on my mind. I had been working long hours and not spending much time with my family. I should say quality time with my family. I had disconnected from everyone and everything I enjoyed about life. It was now all about work and making achievements that other people expected you to make. So, when my sister-in-law asked me to come and help out with some things needing mending in California I took my chance.

The booking of the trip WAS spur of the moment, but I was need so I went. However, the need to get away had been sitting in the pit of my stomach for months. I was nervous. I hadn’t traveled since the pandemic began and wasn’t too sure of how things worked. I had seen to many drama on the news about passengers who say they were being treated badly by the airline. I like to take this drama with a grain if salt. Honestly, the flights went off without a hitch. It was strange seeing one of the busiest place in the world be so hauntingly quiet. There was definitely a different vibe while in travel, but my fellow passengers followed the rules and I was fortunate now to have to be a part of today’s travel dramas.

I had finally landed in San Francisco after a three hour lay over in San Diego. It wasn’t a bad experience at all. Some things never change though such as going through security, buying over priced airport food, and the butterfly in your stomach a cue your adventure is about to start.

I didn’t get to stay to long in California as we had another spur of the moment trip to Portland where my nephews lived. Oh boy, ROAD TRIP!!! Actually, I wasn’t too excited about the road trip as I am more of a, “are we there yet?”, kind of girl. On the flip side, I did enjoy going through the country side and seeing all the beautiful landscape along the way. My youngest brother had tricked my mom into going with us. They drove up from San Diego and for the first time since 2008 or maybe longer all six siblings were together again. What my visit made me realize is that I missed being with my siblings. I missed my writing and I missed having control over my life. During my visit my brothers and I spoke about starting a business. Why not? I felt I need to take my skills and use them to my advantage and create my own work life balance. I would use the skills of my younger relatives too.

I am so happy I took the chance and flew out to see my siblings. The time we have had together in this crazy year of 2020 has been invaluable. Even though we live far a part we have set up a group text just for whatever. The main thing is that we stay connected because we never know what tomorrow brings.

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