A little fusion going on here…


It feels like I am forever in between home or couch surfing at my children places. I feel I never have the time to grocery shop properly anymore. WhenI do I get the chance to shop I try to buy products that my husband can make. On one of my days off from work I had a look in my somewhat bare fridge. Sigh. I was hungry but what could I make with what I had. ( Me staring into the fridge until inspiration strikes)

Oh, wouldn’t we all love the be the food channel cooks? Making glorious dishes that everyone must eat or try making themselves. However, the reality is that we don’t always have the time or money to make those dishes we see on television. So, here we are making a dish with whatever we have in our kitchen. Standing alone some of the choices may seem a little “meh” or “um, no”.

Shrimp mixed with Jimmy Dean mild breakfast sausage and seasoned with laab seasoning packets.

Sitting in my fridge was some Jimmy Dean mild breakfast sausage. The milder seasoned the sausage, the better, as I used the Lobo Laab seasoning packet in the dish. Mixed everything together with some diced onions and green bell pepper. I put in a dash of fish sauce and viola! I created a tasty filling dish from whatever I had in the kitchen at the time. I did a little Asian fusion of an American breakfast product with some Thai seasoning.

Here’s what you need:

Don’t for get to start the rice cooking!

1 small onion 1 green bell pepper Mild sausage meat Lobo Laab seasoning packet lemon or lime 1 table spoon Fish sauce Cilantro 1/2 deveined shrimp Jasmine rice

  • Chopped shrimp into small pieces but not too small and also dice the onion and bell pepper.
  • Cook sausage, veggies, together in a slightly deep pan.
  • Once sausage is almost cooked add shrimp, seasoning packet, and fish sauce.
  • Once throughly cooked add fresh cut cilantro and lemon or lime juice to taste. adding extra chili is also optional.
Cast iron Skillet cooking.

If you try to make this dish please let me know how it turns out for you. I also had some sticky rice to eat with it the next day!

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