Food Bites

During this time I have had more time home than I usually do. Which meant that I had no reason to say I couldn’t cook a great hot dish more often. Lately I have been eating too much fast food or on-the-go, so the chance to actually sit down to eat my meal was looking better and better. I got down to basics and made some Philippine style adobo. Ahhhhh, yes, this meat driven dish is the favorite of many. Of course, don’t forget the rice.

Of course, we can’t leave out the Thai dishes like Laab (larb) or as my family likes to call it “hot meat”. This tangy spicy salad always hits the spot especially when paired with fresh cucumbers and sticky rice. I also like the Nam Tok style where it is a waterfall of sliced rare beef steak saturated in the spicy salty sour dish. This dish paired with clean white rice just sends your taste buds a howling! My family is split on which is better. I love both styles because the dish’s flavors always bring memories good times and fun conversations to mind.

Then I tried a couple of desserts. I was making boa loy, a sticky rice ball dumplings in a yummy sweetened coconut milk. It was only after I made all the dumplings that I figured out I had bought the wrong rice flour! (Remember girls & boys, always read the recipe ingredients throughly.) Argh, the annoyance of it. Of course, never fear because Budom always has a back up plan. (Well, most of the time I do.) I had some sweet potato that had been soaking and used that instead, it turned out very good. I also made some Biko, a filipino style sticky rice coconut dessert. However, that did turn out as expected so I will try again next time. I feel like I rushed it or missed a step. It still tasted like Biko but I can admit mine was not the best I ever had.

If any of you have a recipe you would like to share. I would love to try them out in my kitchen. Comment below on your favorite dishes you rarely get to cook or that you make most often. Until then fill that belly!

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