It’s Chile Verde in Here

I bought some tomatillos because I have heard they make a good sauce. Except for one thing, I know nothing about how to cook these pretty little vegetables? Fruit? Either way, I wanted to make something different for dinner. I wanted to use my pork steaks and the tomatillos, but I needed a good recipe that would be simple to follow. I was lucky to find a great recipe on a wonderful site Isabel Eats. The about profile says Isabel is a first-generation Mexican- American who grew up eating the Mexican dishes she shares with others. Well, Isabel, I am giving it a try.

I surfed the web for different recipes that involved cooking with tomatillos. According to several websites, the tomatillo is a tart fruit similar to the gooseberry. The tomatillos are usually roasted first and then the skin is peeled before use. Isabel’s Chile Verde looked appetizing and I decide to give the recipe a try. In the end, the recipe was easy to follow and a great starter dish for novice chefs. This dish called for some serrano peppers and jalapeños to the dish, but whew, I am glad I didn’t put in both. The serrano peppers were spicier than I expected however the tartness of tomatillos mixed seasoning creates a deliciously flavored kick to the stewed pork. Until next time food-lovers unite.

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