Supernatural or Madness: The Living and the Dead.

I found this show on the PBS channel and my love of the supernatural would not let me pass up the chance to see how supernatural the storyline might be. Let me clarify, while I am intrigued by the paranormal, I don’t enjoy cheap parlor tricks or weird diversion which does not help in creating the supernatural effect in a film. The Living and the Dead did a great job and keeping me at the edge of my seat whose story is told in six episodes.

Thelivingadthedead       The Living and the Dead 2006 TV Series

The Living and the Dead is a British horror story set in the late 1800’s England. It involves a young couple, Nathan, and Charlotte Appleby who arrive at the family farm before the death of Nathan’s mother. Although Nathan has made a name for himself in London practicing psychology which was still a new field of medicine in the Victorian era, the couple decides to make a go of the farm instead of returning to London.

This decision is when one starts to wonder if Nathan’s character played by Colin Morgan is slowly losing grip on his reality, and if there are really supernatural forces at work. After all, Nathan is a scientist and his first instinct is to turn to his medical training to rationalize all the strange deaths, accidents, and sightings the whole village soon becomes entangled in. Even Charlotte, Nathan’s beloved wife who is a woman with a photographer’s open-mindedness believes her husband is losing it. Charlotte’s wavering belief in her husband’s sound mind does not help the two love birds marriage but may send it teetering to its end… or maybe not.

The scenery, music, and acting are exceedingly engrossing. Its mix of supernatural and madness brings to mind the titillating but safe gothic novels that were so popular in the Victorian era.

You can watch The Living and the Dead on it’s free with a Prime subscription.

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