Houston Adventures: Friday 13th equals Cheap Tattoos

Located in Montrose, an older residential Houston neighborhood.
Located in Montrose, an older residential Houston neighborhood.

Back in my adolescent years, I grew up watching the slasher flick Friday the 13th. Halloween back in my day would be bombarded with bloody hockey masks on young boys pretending to be Jason, the insane killer in the movie. My grandmother, a devout, and practicing Catholic, even had advice on how to steer your day “curse free” on Friday the 13th. After living through many Fridays associated with the ominous number thirteen, and getting through most without much ado, I realized that Friday the 13th wasn’t as bad as most would like you to think.

Hold on folks as we fast-forward to the present where I learned something new about Friday the 13th. Apparently, Friday the 13th was not as unlucky as one would like you to think because Friday the 13th equaled cheap tattoos. yeah, I know I’m late on the tattoo train but hey, better late than never, right? Since I am fairly new to the Houston area I wasn’t sure where to go. Honestly, I did have all kinds of flesh-eating bacteria stories running through my head at the mention of a cheap tattoo. So, a couple of good friends and Houstonians took me to the hot spot for tattoos any time. Check out the decor of 713 Tattoo Parlour & Body Piercing.

The place so became crowded with people of all ages getting their Friday 13th tattoos. Set in an eclectic and older part of #Houston called #Montrose  which, is a nightlife  hot spot but there are many cafes, restaurants, and small boutiques to explore. Montrose is also where all the hip people hang out. If you’re ever in Houston check out the area there is plenty to experience especially if you’re on a budget. have you ever gotten a #Fridaythe13th #tattoo? Hit me up and share some photos while you’re at it.

You can also hit me up on Twitter: @budom #brouhahaaccess and my Facebook page. I look forward to hearing from the Brouhahas.

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